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one eyecon smart lock box with keypad and one without

Eyecon Smart Lock Box

A smart lock box for the sharing economy
Unlock with
picture or pin
custom profiles
for each user
track usage


Picture Key Technology

Send your guests a unique Picture Key and forget your security fears. It’s even easier than using a PIN! Eyecon Smart Lockbox was built with this technology in mind.

If you want to further improve your security, 2-factor authentication lets you set both a Picture Key and a PIN.


Who you want

When you want

Profiles for different users, tailored to their unique needs

Whether it’s for your Aunt Bee who wants to use your apartment to host a bridge game with her friends or your old roommate that needs a place to crash, Eyecon Smart Lockbox enables you to create custom-tailored profiles that allow access for all the different people in your life.

Remains active until deleted
Time Window
Range of dates & time
Time Duration
Timer starts after first access
Limited Use
Limited number of entries
Password profiles UI

More Flexible

laptop, tablet, and phone UIs

Wifi connect

Management from anywhere, using any device — all without downloading a new app

Live access log

Know who is opening the lock box and when anyone tries

Access log UI

Still Familiar

eyecon smart lock box with a keypad and no shackle

Sharing safe simplicity

  • Share — with realtors, contractors, AirBnB rentals, property management, and automated deliveries. From anywhere!
  • Safe — Picture Key technology loaded directly to a secure cloud.
  • Simple — NO mobile app, NO Wi-Fi bridge, NO installation or hardware needed.

Eyecon is an affiliate of NU-SET Inc, a trusted global leader in lock design with four decades of experience in lock manufacturing. Eyecon Smart Lockbox builds upon NU-SET’s legacy lock box designs and adds innovative technology to meet today’s connected economy.