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Eyecon Smart Lockbox: A smart lock box for the sharing economy

Picture Key Technology

The security of a thousand keys in a single picture

Just how secure is a smart lock Picture Key? It turns out that a picture is worth more than a thousand words. While a randomly-generated, 8-character password would take 3 hours to crack (assuming a rate of 10 billion guesses per second), cracking a picture password would take roughly 3 sesvihintillion years – that’s 3 followed by eighty one 0’s.

Traditional Password: 0
Picture Key: 0

Still waiting? You’ll be here awhile. In fact, the sun will explode long before a Picture Key is cracked.

Save yourself some time and watch it in action!

This technology is at the heart of the Eyecon Lockbox, a smart lock box for the sharing economy.

one eyecon smart lock box with keypad and one without